NCTE 2009 (virtually)

The centerpiece of the virtual conference experience for the 2009 National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference is the ning with 3558 members today. This is free and open to members and non-members alike. It even collects your twitter address in the setup; although, it doesn’t seem that the 140 character updates in the ning are feeding into twitter – what if it did and added hash tags?

Twitter users have been sorting out what the “official” hash tag will be and it looks like most will go with #ncte2009. #ncte09 or #ncte will be used too. NCTE used Twitter to promote the National Day of Writing with and garnered over 800 followers but only followed 1 thus missing out on the two flow of communication.

The NCTE Publications twitter is

Expanded online version of the conference program preview.

Searchable program
It appears I will be able to catch glimpses of things from NCTE2009.  The ning will be especially dynamic if session presenters and attendees post videos, slides, podcasts, and blog. A few presenters have posted resources.

The Learning Lab will host a session on the redesign project for  I asked for screenshots to be posted and received a speedy and positive reply.

Now I need to figure out how to contribute to the conference and not just receive the feed.

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