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Do you twitter? Are you a tweet? As the  2009 American Association of School Librarians National Conference approaches it is a perfect time to open a new twitter account or dust off the one you’ve been meaning to use.  This year’s AASL conference will have a robust virtual presence including updates from Twitter.

What is Twitter?  It is a social media tool fostering interaction among people. Some have called it micro-blogging and it does function like a blog.  Tweets are brief (140 characters max) posts. The power of Twitter, in a professional sense, comes through the connections and conversations with people.  I’ve used Twitter to find people who are working on similar questions and problems at the same moment in time.   Professional Learning Networks at their best!  Find out more…take the challenge.

The Twitter (two part) Challenge

Part 1

1.) Go to
2.) Search for the hash tag #aasl2009. Twitter posts can be labeled using hash tags.  These tags function like an  index for twitter posts.  People twittering about the AASL National Conference will use the hash tag above.  You can search twitter without hash tags too.  Searching for topics will often produce useful results.
3.) Locate a recent tweet from me, erniec, highlighting a specific book title of interest to school librarians.  If you want a chance to win this book proceed to Part 2. 

Part 2

Part 2 requires the use of a Twitter Account.  Go to and set up an account (don’t worry it’s easy). Login into your twitter account.

1.) Visit me at
2.) Begin following me using the Follow option at the top of the screen.
3.) I will post a Twitter update today about this challenge.  Reply (this option is represented by an arrow on the bottom right of each post) and include the title of the book.

First three correct replies will win a copy of the book (I reserve the right to disqualify individuals who are Twitter Pros…this challenge is for the reluctant Twitter users out there). I’ll send winners a Direct Message in Twitter to determine mailing addresses.

Even if you don’t win the book you have discovered how to search Twitter and how to connect with colleagues and friends. This challenge used the Twitter website.  There are other options:

Twirl is a desktop client

Tweetdeck is a browser styled interface

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    I really enjoyed flicking through this. Think I’m going to look through your other posts!

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